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Stonehenge is one of the world's most famous prehistoric monument, the earliest part dates from about 3000 BC and the latest from 1500 BC. It is a misery how this monument was constructed and stayed standing for so many millennium.

The circles of Stonehenge located in the middle of the barren expanse of Salisbury Plain, with its horizontal lintel, it is unique among stone circles. The ancient Britons quarried, carved and lifted these massive stones, how it was constructed still defies belief. The first stone was placed here 5000 years ago and the monument was finally completed 1400 years later.

Entrance Fees
Adult: 4.40
Child: £

Nearest Train: Salisbury

A tour of Stonehenge.

Nearby attraction
Eden Project

The local hotel in Stonehenge is the Red House Hotel.
Red House Hotel
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