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London Events for May
Below is a selection of events going on in the capital throughout May.

Covent Garden Festival - 020 7379 0870
The Covent Garden Festival takes place throughout May and includes a wide range of operatic musical concerts.

Covent Garden Festival
May Fayre and Puppet Festival - 020 7375 0441
The May Fayre and Puppet Festival takes place at St Paul's Church in Covent Garden on one day in May and is a great day not just for the children but for all the family.
Coin Street Festival - 020 7928 0960
The Coin Street Festival starts on the last bank holiday of May and continues until September. This festival celebrates cultures from all around the world including music and street performance. Most events are on the south bank around Gabriel Wharf and OXO Tower and take place on most weekends, there are also many activities for children.
Coin Street Festival
Victoria Embankment Gardens Summer Events - 020 7375 0441
Starting at the end of May the events in Victoria Embankment Gardens go on until the end of July. All the events are free and take place on the open air stage in the park and include both music and dance recitals.
Summer Events
Chelsea Flower Show - 020 7834 4333
The Chelsea Flower show was established in 1913 and has now become world famous. With over forty exhibitions, and experts on hand to answer your questions there is something for everyone from whatever your level of expertise.
Chelsea Flower Show



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